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Welcome adventure hunters!

Ranger’s Arcani world consists of beautiful lands, majestic cities and darkest dungeons. There are few main areas that you should be aware of:

  • Main Continent (also called Eastern Continent)
  • Galia (Western Continent)
  • Onyria (jungle islands to the south)

Main Continent
This land is divided into different regions with different climate and rulers that claim those territories.

  • Skandia – cold and snowy home of Skands (barbarians), the northest part of continent. The most important city is Vadheim.
  • Arydia – the hottest islands and mountains covered with neverending sands. The mightest city Mararoko and smaller town of Al’Shabah are only human states.
  • Cirith Kingdom – occupies the biggest territory with capital city in Cirith. There is also Chaeck country and neighbouring Duchy of Passaluc.
  • Free City of Macindaw – lies between Cirith Kingdom and Skandia, pretends to be neutral.

Of course there are other parts of continent inhabited by minotaurs, dwarves, elves or other creatures. You should be catious while travelling through these lands.

Western continent is rather unkown and undiscovered in large part. Players in Ranger’s Arcani world were born there, but had to flee east because of Skands raid. There are two human kingdoms that tries to survive in Galia and defend themselves against invaders.

  • Araluen Kingdom – lies next to the ocean between Galia and Main Continent, the capital is a port city Dellonshire.
  • Thoraod Kingdom – located inland amongst deep forests and high mountains, the capital is Zarthan.

We don’t know much about this territory except that it is located to the south from Main Continented and is covered with dense jungle forests.. From time to time we have an opportunity to meet some traders and sailors from Onyria but they don’t talk much about their homeland.