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Ranger’s Arcani Service Agreement

When you decide to join Ranger’s Arcani game by registering your own account in our game client you accept below statement and our Rules. Ranger’s Arcani team is not responsible for connection problems with the game server, gameplay errors, reverting character progress or the loss of any data and items related to your game account. Ordering Ranger’s Arcani Coins in Store cannot be considered a purchase, this is a donation that will be used for further development and mantaining the servers. In return for your help, we are donating you back with RA Coins. This means that you cannot make a reclamation against this action, however we give you the option to ask us for a refund if we believe the reason is sufficient. Duration time of Lord Status may be extended because of game related problems.

Ranger’s Arcani Team is the owner of your personal data (e-mail address) and has a right to send you an e-mail related to the Ranger’s Arcani game and other further projects (your data will not be sold or used for spamming purposes). The team has the right to impose a penalty on you if you violate any of our Rules. A punishment is understood as banishment or removal of whole account. You have the right to request us to delete your e-mail and its associated account at any time, however, this will require confirmation that you are the owner of the e-mail.