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Ranger’s Arcani Rules

Character names shouldn’t be:

  1. offensive in any language;
  2. related to destructive, political, racist, religious, sexuall or drug content;
  3. an advertisement of any product (physical and digital) brands.

Account owners aren’t allowed to:

  1. post any offensive statements;
  2. post statements that incite for breaking the rules;
  3. spam and advertise content not related to the game;
  4. share personal data of other people;
  5. abuse game mechanics and harass other players;
  6. cheat or bug abuse in any way;
  7. violate the good name of the server by spreading false content.

Account owners are allowed to:

  1. sell or buy Ranger’s Arcani accounts at their own risk;
  2. sell or buy Ranger’s Arcani in-game items at their own risk;
  3. share your Ranger’s Arcani account with other person at their own risk.