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In premium shop you will be able to buy RA coins, they can be exchanged for lord status, outfits, furniture and some little extra services.

Ranger’s Arcani is not P2W!
All extra services in Store are obtainable in game. Runes rerolls are limited.

↓ Lord status features ↓

– You will be able to buy house,
– Make guilds,
– Post 10 market offers at once (free account 3),
– Deposit 2000 items (free account 500),
– Pick 10 items for auto loot (free account 5),
– Choose new spell effect for some of spells,
– Dress in new premium outfit,
– Add 35 VIPs (free account 20),
– Rent extra slot in forge for crafting,
– Use horse and boat transport for free,
– Get access to rune smelting.