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Halloween Event and updates from week 44

We’ve launched a new event – Halloween Event! Across our lands you will find monsters with little pumpkin near their names – those creatures drop pumpkins!


If you collect enough pumpkins, you can visit NPC Silva and exchange them for blue or red present, each present has some unique items! You can find Silva in two places, near a Henry’s mansion in Chaeck or in a Task Camp on mainland.


And of course there is a boss haunting Ranger’s Arcani lands! I can’t tell you where it spawns… but beware of big scary pumpkin! I think it’s worth to fight it, because you can get some missing products for forging!

Here is the changelog for past week:

– Battle mode has been added to chat (if the battle mode is enabled then press the Enter button enable/disable chat without hiding the chat window)
– Updated dexterity icon
– Updated outfit window, from now you can see all available outfits in game

– Lucifer and Azazel have got new items drop
– Increased health regeneration of Igris from 2 seconds to 1 second (if caster is not in battle mode) and from 5 seconds to 3 seconds (if caster is in battle mode)
– Small icon from the left side of damage log channel showing damage type of damage dealt/received
– Fixed „Fire Steps” spell assigned to Legendary A staff of eternal fire
– Rename all daggers to one-handed melee weapons (daggers will no exist in game anymore)
– Fixed critical and double hit chance



Updates from week 43

– From now money from bosses go directly to the bank
– From now „Vampire’s cape chain” is stackable
– From now Sandstone cobra is skinnable
– From now all Tracker traps are visible for party members
– Many bosses have got new unique drop items (list of changes you can find at our discord)

– From now legendary backpacks getting extra 4 slots, unique extra 8
– New looktype for Igris
– Decreased stunlock for Grimeleech and set lower chance to cast spells by Grimeleech and Grimespirit
– Unknown runes have got light blue color name
– Huma Dragonbane have got new items to his loot (bastard sword, dragon legs and black forest bow)
– Two new categories have been added to bestiary (pirates and perverted)
– Obsidian knife have been added to premium shop (you still can get one for „free” during quest)
– Information of the possible skills on the item have been added, move your mouse cursor on „Maximum summary of skills” in the item description panel to get more information
– From now some special items (like GOD items) will get skills depending on your vocation
– Non-melee dodge chance have been added to statistic window
– Increased damage of Askarak and Shaburak traps
– All deeplings and sapphire dragons have got chance for spawn boss
– Decreased required mana for double slash spell at 3rd level from 35 to 30
– Rename Necromancers bestiary category to Wizards

#Balance change
– Today on EU server we’ve added new skills set for tests. The major idea was to redesign DEX and VIG, but the changes have more or less affected all skills. We’ve also changed multipliers for each vocations (including basic vocs).
/Several things were deleted from skills set: luck, double hit, movement speed, critical hit chance.
/And of course other things were added: trap damage, summon damage, chance to dodge range attack, summon health.



Updates from week 42

– Changed regeneration health/mana formula, from now if your character is hungry you will not regenerate health and mana points (even from items like a life ring or soft boots) but if your regeneration is below than 0 then you will lose your health and mana every 2 seconds, no matter if your character is full or hungry. Penalty for being hungry has been removed
– Rune words tips have been added to game map
– Fixed Pat on the Back spell, you will no longer teleport to your friend further than 4 sqm
– Rewrite rust remover game mechanic, from now you’ve higher chance to get an item from rusty armor/legs and that item will get random quality level (including legendary)
– Decreased health regenerate for berserker armor from -200 per turn to -100 per turn at normal quality level and from -260 to -182 per turn at legendary quality level also maximum health points are decreased from 800 to 500 at normal and from 1950 to 1300 at legendary
– Fixed Sneaky Trap spell
– Quick remind, you can cut off Nepethe monsters by machete

– Rework all item sets bonuses
– Drekavac imp have got new item in his drop loot (imp armor as rare item)
– Fixed the convert forge materials achievement counting
– Makes the reward from the boss message more visible
– Fixed the reward from the boss treasure bag
– New boss, Obujos have been added to game
– Changed regeneration health/mana formula, from now if your character is hungry, you lose health and mana every 2 seconds equal to your health and mana regeneration, if your regeneration is higher than 0, if not, you lose twice as much (for example, you’ve 10 health regeneration, if your character is hungry you will lose 10 health per 2 seconds / another example, you’ve -10 mana regeneration, if your character is hungry you will lose -20 mana per 2 seconds). Regeneration is not working in protection zone anymore
– A new item has been added to the game „Ghost trap” (drop from Souleater) which is used to catch ghost-like monsters and remove them from the map until the server is saved
– Fixed the second stage of the Vurtak battle (the boss lost his skull in the second stage)
– From now you can add Bonebeast to your tracker (bug happened only at Polish client version)

– Demonic blood have been fixed and from now you can transform only one potion at once
– From now Konan gives the correct reward for trackers and the reward is dependent on what weapon you carrying
– A new function has been added to the game client – Reset password (still in beta version, might have some bugs)
– Decreased strength of Electric Glimmer by 20%
– Reduced duration of demon flash silence and blind from 18 seconds to 6 seconds
– The legendary version of Demonbone amulet have got immunity of silence and blind but lost stat up for health and mana

– Changed basic element of „Mill” spell from bleed to physical
– Removed barriers blocked pass to Vincent Ceryni and Vurtak
– Update rewards from Cirith meteorite event
– 4 new achievements have been added
– Flash screen have been removed from „Demon” utility spell
– Changed mana cost for „Weapon Throw”, „Bash” and „Shield Block” spells
– Decreased amount of waves casted by Warlocks
– Decreased cooldown for „Bloody Earth” spell from 90 seconds to 60 seconds
– Removed Brazil proxy serwer
– The reward from the boss is colored with the rarity of the items looted



Updates from week 41

As always we’ve got a set of new patches and fixes. But we have also redesigned our launcher! It’s beautiful, isn’t it? 😉

– From now Demonic blood is stackable
– Fixed some spell bugs (some spells sometimes did no damage)
– The new furniture has been added to the premium shop
– Decreased mana requirement for Powerful Throw spell by 5
– Fixed second Crusader spell effect
– Fixed an issue where if you buying a rounded amount of items (e.g. 100, 200, 300) you’ve got an extra items for free
– Reset experience counter has been added (click RMB on experience orb above spell bar to open context menu)
– And others

– Unlock fire path of „Elemental Quest”
– Fixed some small bugs with monsters spells

– Fixed level required for Invisible Hunter spell
– Fixed damage over time icons
– Fixed Manten dialogues
– From now, monsters killed by summon (Igris for example) will included in the total task killed
– Fixed Grimeleech heling debuff, from now status is disappearing correctly
– Changed cooldown for gathering green crystals from „Meteorite Frenzy” quest from 6 days to 44 hours
– Fixed bug with calculating amount of stat points above level 110

– Removed PZ zone in Hydra task boss
– Decreased „Electric Shock” cooldown from 5->7->9 to 5 seconds and increased duration of paralyze from 5 seconds to 6 seconds
– From now Equilibrium healing 0.005% of maximum golem health per stack per Equilibrium level (up to 0.02% per stack, up to 0.14% with all 7 charges) and heal golem every 2 seconds OR every 5 seconds if the caster is in fight mode
– Decreased amount of stat points above 130 level from 4 per level to 2 per level
– lvl 1-10 – 8 stats per lvl (80 stats)
– lvl 11-70 – 6 stats per lvl (360 stats)
– lvl 71-110- 5 stats per lvl (200 stats)
– lvl 111-130- 4 stats per lvl (80 stats)
– lvl 131+ 2 stats per lvl
– Burst arrows have been added to Madabolt offer
– Unlock energy path of „Elemental Quest” (fire path still work in progress)
– Added a new option to search for items by attribute in Encyclopedia
– Fixed statuses icons



Updates from week 40

– The dungeons in Chaeck have received some minor clues about their puzzles
– Maximum critical and double hit chance have been reduced to 50%
– Runes converter have been added to game (ask Liakopulos for more information)
– Decreased blessings price from 10000 + ((level – 15) * 500) to 5000 + ((level – 15) * 500)
– Move stacks of items without holding Ctrl button option have been added to Game option menu

– Fixed bosses spawn delay
– Grimeleech reduce healing ability have got an icon to your conditions panel
– Fixed third stage of ogre corpse
– Changed Tank Rush spell cooldown group from attacking to support
– New category (trophies) have been added to item list

– New ghastly dragon looktype
– From now every unique item will get random spells bonuses (damage, cooldown, or mana). Spells are random from all possible spells in-game. Every item can get up to 3 spells bonuses. The damage range is from 1% to 5% extra damage. Cooldown from 1 second to 2 seconds for spells with cooldown higher than 10 seconds (the spell cannot get lower cooldown than 2 seconds). Mana range is from 5% to 10% mana required to cast (but no lower than 1). Spells can get all three, two, or just one bonus.
– Fixed meteorite frenzy quest, from now you can go back to Grimeleech spawn with completed quest
– Fixed double untreated leather reward from mutated task
– Changed required magic elements for Frosty axe craft from 30 to 12
– Increased chance for demonic finger from Prices demons
– Pirate hook and goldfish bowl have been added to game
– From now Pirate Cutthroat is melee attacking monster and Pirate Buccaneer vice versa ranged



Update of week 39

– Fixed disappearing statuses icons
– Fixed many bugs with spells, quests, market history item names, vocation names and others
– Fixed boss spawns
– Bestiary have got new information for monsters who could spawn the boss
– Increased capacity of auto-loot item list from 4 to 5 for free accounts
– And others…



Some recent news

Some of you already know, but I want to announce it on our website aswell. We have launched new nPvP world! Right now it’s located in Canada due to poor hosting service in Brazil. Maybe in the future we will move it again to South America.

Another news is that we will launch a test server for an upcoming PvP World. There is no exact date, but it will happen between 1st-14th of October. After 2-4 weeks period of tests we will be ready to launch our first permanent PvP World in Europe.

That’s all for today!



Updates from weeks 37-38

Today I’m writing to you about two things. As always I’m posting last changelogs. But what’s most important is that nPvP server is currently offline due to serious failure. Right now we’re working on solutions how to fix this and how big will be the damage of character progress. We are verry sorry about this situation and we ask you for a patience.

– Increased two handed melee weapons STRength multiplier from 0.5% to 0.55% per effective point
– All backpacks have got quality levels now
– New undead dragon looktype
– Change Bloodlust spell from damage taken to damage dealt
– Decreased cooldown for shot in the knee and powerful throw spells by 4 and 2 seconds
– Legendary emerald bangle has been changed from +5% magic damage to double hit chance

– Bed kits have been added to Pavish offer
– From now you can drop any item on beds
– Fixed missing legendary item names
– Increased spell area range for „Time Bomb” but damage decreased from 2.25 to 1.65 at maximum spell level and increased cooldown by 6 seconds
– All new players will get free blessing after leave Chaeck
– Pirate set have been added

– Decreased strength of Deepling Guard melee attacks
– „Fire Breath” spell combat type is depending from the wand you’re carrying
– Decreased fire and energy resistances for high class lizards and drakens
– Fixed tracker window, no more unwanted resize window
– Fixed „Fury” spell mana required (displayed wrong amount of mana)



Updates from weeks 35+36

– 4 new achievements have been added
– New category, Dolls, have been added to item list, in Encyclopedia
– Play rooms have been added to Cirith, but they are closed until further notice

– 5 new spears have been added
– Carpets and new furnitures have been added to premium shop
– Rewrite some part of code of houses panel
– Fixed some graphical bugs (missing corpses, used wrong sprites)
– Fixed some NPC dialogues bugs (missing translates, logic bugs and others)
– Update Phoenix loot
– Fixed Spartiate spell (now all charges disappearing correctly)
– Decreased speed boost for „Azazel” and „Kiri Norol” bosses
– New panel, calendar events, have been added to encyclopedia

– Fixed all spells assigned to items
– Rewrite code for barrier, from now should not reduce damage, but only block it
– 3 new high levels bosses have been added (deepling area)
– New royal dwarves outlook
– New look for small gems, bread, pickaxe, hammer and golden nuggets



Schedule of Events

We have prepared for you a simple schedule of upcoming events. If you want to know more about them, please visit our Contest page.

#Edit 02.09.2020

We’ve also added it into the client!



Updates from week 34

Few changes made in past week:

– New Royal Dwarves outfit looktype

– Life steal is working with spells right now but is weaker by 50%
– 3 new mysterious puzzle quests has been added to deepling zone
– Fixed few small bugs with spells



Updates from 26 - 33 weeks

The changelog may not look breathtakingly but believe me, we were working on a server all summer. Mostly on new content and bug fixing. We still can’t share with you the exact date of release two new PvP gameworlds (one for Europe and one for North America), but we will do it as soon as possible. Meanwhile, take a look at changelog:

– Grenadier wisdom multiplier have been changed from x2 to x3
– New Dwarf Guard outlook
– Decreased maximum health points for all monsters by 25% (due to new spells and their lower damage)

– New Druid and Barbarian spells at test server
– Very important! All spells on no-pvp server were replaced with new ones. All spells and statistics will be reset, so please be careful with loging into the game.

– From now LMB at NPC name at console, during talking, will open encyclopedia with details about this NPC
– Fixed mana steal, from now should working with spells
– New Grenadier spells at test server
– New quest at Deepling area has been added
– Fixed bestiary tracker, added missing monsters, like Infected Prisoner
– Changed orc spawns around Knight Templar fortress
– Small fixes at game code

#Missing path notes
– The defense has been added to all two-handed weapons
– Few new quests has been added (Warlocks, north from Cirith, Lizards, Phoenix Cave and others)
– Make a little smaller loot tracker font
– A small change in the forge, clicking on an item from the item list will automatically open the encyclopedia
– Completing the bestiary increases your luck by 1.5% per each monster
– Dwarves got new outfits
– Four cyclic events have been added, every 4 weeks since Saturday server save till Monday server save, more information about events you can find on our website
– Premium store got new item to buy, premium coins
– Statistics window have got new informations, armor and defense effectiveness and chance for death hit (just for remind, death hit hits using death magic damage, so monsters like Chimera who has 90% resistance for death damage will not die after death hit effect)
– From now you can hide completed entry in the bestiary
– Bestiary tracker have been added



Event returns!

Hey again!

As we said before, Monster Token Event has returned this weekend! Until Monday’s server save you can use your old tokens or get new ones and exchange them for new outfits and addons! More information available here.



New event this weekend!

Dear players!

This weekend we have another event for you! You can get special new outfit by killing undeads creatures which haunt Ranger’s Arcani world. Check the details here!



New event this weekend!

Hello players!

We’ve got a new event for you this weekend! You can get two new outfits for tokens from special bosses! Read more about it here!



Start of the new event!

Dear players!

We know that you’re waiting for the new PvP game world but we need more time to add and polish new features. But! In the meantime we’ve added a new weekend event, if you want to get new outfits take a look here and read more about it!



Updates from 24 - 25 weeks

#Missing Pathnotes
– From now elemental ammunition deal 50% physical and 50% magic damage instead of 100% magic damage, but their damage have been increased
– Moved skills (strength, dexterity, condition, wisdom, and vigor) have been moved from test server to official, now STR is responsible for damage for melee and distance weapons, DEX has been changed to support skill
– NPC list has been added to bestiary window
– From now obsidian knife can obtain dragon and lizard scales too
– Increased critical hit chance for VIG from 0.08% per effective point to 0.16%
– Fixed hunting buffs (multiplier of hunting buffs been x10 instead of x1)
– New Game option has been added, from now you can hide new health and mana bars at any moment
– Some missing translates have been added
– Decreased duration of electricity from Knight Templars and poison from Commodore of the Kingdom
– The scrollable panel has been added to item list for items with many attributes
– Vaclav Statue ignoring „Total Resistances Penetration” attribute
– Decreased price for golden forging accessories by 10 times
– Increased network connection performance
– Increased range for legendary Deepling crossbow from 6 sqm to 8 sqm
– All ranged weapons will get extra 2 sqm range at Unique quality
– Highscores has been added to the game (button to open you can find at top menu bar) – still work in progress

– Unlocked magazine ability to convert 200 perfect crafting materials to one legendary
– Fixed Dragon Storm Rune, from now should be working correctly if an item is a favorite list
– Changed reward items from „War supplies” quest, every vocation gets different reward
– A new quest has been added, which unlock access to new hunting spawn for high levels players (small tip for everyone „Pirates mark some important places”)
– New items preview window
– Steel has been added to all Vexed bandits
– Golden shell backpack has been added to Bartolomeus offer
– The formula for calculating luck for the party has been changed to „(members luck / members size) * (1.0 + (unique vocations * 0.1))”
– Information about perfect, legendary and unique items has been changed to more visible
– New hunting place with Brimstone Bugs has been added
– New wyvern walking animation
– Many monsters have got crafting materials to their loot

– Added item search by name to the forge
– Added remaining time to take the same task
– Changed crafting recipe for „The armor of hardened leather”, „Brass armor”, „Copper armor”, „Iron shield”, „Dark shield”, „Steel shield”, „Leaf shield”, „Time ring”, „Silver amulet”, „Tooth necklace”, „Alpha Shanir”, „Scarf”, „Platinum amulet” and „Wailing widow’s necklace”
– New quest has been added, for more information ask Ibrahim (Cirith deposit, second floor), gives access to buy statistics and spells restarters
– Fixed attack speed attribute from non weapon items
– Fixed item attributes what’s increasing magic damage
– „Goto item list” option has been added to forge window (Ctrl + RMB on item image and select option „Goto item list”)



Updates from 21 - 23 weeks

– New tutorial windows have been added (triggered at Chaeck)
– New optimization steps have been implemented (higher performance)
– New minimap look
– Changed many UI elements, like sorting at bestiary and item list
– Item list get information about NPCs who buying a select item
– Fixed smooth walking animations
– Reduced amount of information send from game engine to client

– Dungeons generator have been added at Test Server!
– New health and mana bars have been added, to show/hide old ones use Ctrl + Y
– Optimization some game functions
– Changed teleports window



Updates from 16 - 20 weeks


Please take a look at newest changes on regular server. I would like to remind you that we’re still during testing phase of new spells on Test Server.

– Fixed fishing and crate quests
– Fixed many game engine functions (higher performance and less bugs)
– New UI for spell tree windows and boss health bars
– New scorpion and wasp sprites
– Soul Nova debuff has been fixed

– Fixed „Double Slash” spell, now hit all three targets
– New level up/down and quest log update messages
– Fixed disappearing statuses icons
– Timer to damage over time icons has been added
– Fixed player’s trade window scrollbars

– Chaeck „Witch” tower spawn has been moved
– 13 new task bosses has beed added (all Proclay and up to lizards Dantven tasks)
– New amount of statistics points per level from
* lvl 1-30 – 8 stats per lvl (240 stats)
* 31-70 – 6 stats per lvl (240 stats)
* 71-110- 4 stats per lvl (160 stats)
* 111+ 2 stats per lvl
– to
* lvl 1-70 – 6 stats per lvl (420 stats)
* 71-110- 5 stats per lvl (200 stats)
* 111+ 4 stats per lvl

– Replaced old fonts with new ones
– Optimization game engine and client functions
– Fixed stacking crafting materials when you had full container of the same item but diffrent quality level
– Quest log update widget will transfer you to Quest Log window after a click on them
– New amount of statistics points per level from
* lvl 1-70 – 6 stats per lvl (420 stats)
* 71-110- 5 stats per lvl (200 stats)
* 111+ 4 stats per lvl
– to
* lvl 1-10 – 8 stats per lvl (80 stats)
* 11-70 – 6 stats per lvl (360 stats)
* 71-110- 5 stats per lvl (200 stats)
* 111+ 4 stats per lvl

– Fixed movement walking animation
– Changed Bartolomeus reward item for grenadier, paladin and barbarian
– Fixed promoting „Eagle Claw” spell
– Fixed „Ethereal Shot” spell damage
– New ghoul sprite

– Fixed spell promotion, you are not able to promote your spell if you don’t meet the conditions
– New UI for premium store
– You can cancels the selected target using by Escape button (possibility turn off at options menu)
– From now automatically attack nearest target ignore non attackable monsters

– Fixed (hope so) experience per hour counter

– Change formula for item stats randomization (higher chance to obtain high values of skills at item [strength, dexterity, condition, wisdom, vigor])

– Unlock all items in encyclopedia and removed dynamic chance for drop items
– Rune quality and type has been added (maximum 15 rerolls of quality and type of rune)
– Obsidian Knife has been changed, from now you can obtain dragon leathers from dragon corpses, instead of Untreated leather
– And others small visual changes

– Unique items are meltable and gives random quality crafting materials
– Sorted items context menu

– All Proclay and Dantven task bosses has been added
– Fixed level required for Triple Puncture spell
– Fixed bestiary loot chance for bosses



Summary of week 11 - 15 and plans for future


It’s been a long time since we post last changelog. Today, as always, I would like to present you changes made between 11 and 15 week of year 2020 – but also tell you more about upcoming stuff.

At the beginning of the new year we had presented you information about major gameplay rebalancing. Because of many different factors we decided to postpone our deadlines to implement most of features at once together with launch of the new game world. We still don’t know the release date of mentioned things, but we can tell you more about changes.

The most important thing is total rework of spells and skills. New set of spells for every vocation and subvocation will follow the same pattern, spells will be divided into 3 groups: offensive, support and passive. Number of support and passive spells will be the same for everyone, while offensive spells will depend on vocation. Number of needed spell points to level up every spell to maximum will be equal, 14 points for base vocation (if you follow one path) and 100 points for subvocation. Skills names will remain, but their properties and effective values for each vocation will be changed.

Another important matter is a new game world. We have failed to deliver you a fully working PvP system on release so the newly launched game world will be Open PvP forever. Of course the first game world will be continued, we do not have plans on closing or resetting game progress but it will be a Non PvP world with few events like duel arena, more on this topic will be published later.

Understanding rules of gameplay is an important thing for players, so the other part of changes deals with problems of lack of knowledge or understatements. Some improvements are already implemented, for example we have changed windows like Questlog, Sets, Crates and Task windows. New launcher, build-in rankings, tutorials and other windows are still in progress.

Last thing that I would like to mention you today is the new content. We have really bold intentions and willingness to expand the gameplay in many areas. If everything goes according to plan, we will introduce a new winter and desert area, as well as expand the beginner area east of Chaeck. It will be available only to those who will remain after level 15 on Chaeck. In addition, each profession will gain one additional spell to use, exclusively for Chaeckstayers.

Ok folks, that’s all for today, remember that you can use our Test Server to check new things by yourself! Please take a look at updates from the beginning of March to mid April:

– Fixed mana steal attribute (the attribute from spells and skills was summed double)
– Updated client background, Quest Log, Task Window and Crate Roll Window
– Optimization game engine and client functions
– Fixed many small visual client bugs
– Fixed missing spell and NPC translates
– And others smaller and bigger changes I don’t remember

– Fixed „Toxic Herbs” and „Cursed Ice” tracker spells
– Optimization game engine functions and decreased amount of packets from client to game engine
– Elemental Ammunition quest has beed added

– Fixed double hit and critical hit chance from items and spells
– New tab to encyclopedia has been added (place where you can compare all existing sets in game)
– Fixed attack speed boost from item sets
– Fixed rewards from Sulur for killing Baru’khur Al’s Akr, troll boss

– From now meditation doesn’t stop after receiving damage from damage over time conditions
– Item list, from encyclopedia, have got new quality option – „Unique” to easier understand diffrences between legendary and unique items
– Lawrence is now buying new items (imp and wolf trophies and all kinds of small gems)

– Updated sprites for crypt shamblers, all pirates, tortoises, banshees, elves and merlkins
– Turn on test server with barbarian and paladin new spells (experience rate x8)

– Spells and statistics hints has been added
– Fixed chat, disabled writing on Damage and Basic Information Log channels



Summary of week 8-10

Please take a look at updates from February and beginning of March:

– Updated sprites for spiders, poison spiders, fire devils, heroes and zombies

– Changed extra attack speed from dual wielding daggers from 0.5 second to 0.3 second
– Fixed favorite mechanism (you can now sell items from backpacks marked as favorites)
– Two unnamed keys will get new description when used on the correct door (Risinger key and Basilisk quest key)
– Added two icons to chat window (critical hit and death hit)
– Updated all legendary spellbooks

– New dual wielding daggers formula (you can use two daggers at once, attack speed is taken from a better dagger, +0.5 second extra attack speed, when attacking, uses the right and left daggers alternately)
– The order of collecting coins was reversed (first from the bank and then from the player’s backpack)
– Updated all task rewards

– Fixed diagonal walking, from now is more smooth

– Updated all legendary shields
– Fixed NPCs trade window (equipped favorite items spoiled the counter of owned items)
– Fixed few small bugs with calculating damage by Wisdom
– Fixed right bottom panel (experience bar has been fixed, now client using correct formula for experience for next level)

– Updated all legendary boots
– From now all transport NPCs using your money from bank account
– Fixed Pits of Inferno Quest outfits
– Saving container positions and size after death/relog



Summary of week 4-7

Please take a look at updates from January and February:

– Unlock all trade offer for Ragnar and Dihsar NPCs
– Updated all legendary legs and helmets
– Removed Arch Devils from „The ruins of monastery” waypoint
– Removed Hand of Cursed Fate and two Lost Souls from „Pits of Inferno” waypoint
– Decreased maximum death damage of Hand of Cursed Fate from 1000 to 750
– Decreased required amount of experience per level (only level 60+)
– Decreased increase movement speed per level from 0.5 to 0.25 per level

– Salim (Chaeck NPC) quest has been updated quest log when you safe Chaeck guardian – Hardouin
– New game mechanic has been added, favorites items. This will protect your items from NPC sale
– Updated Stone glance quest
– Updated all legendary armors

– Fixed Sandstone cobra corpse, from now automatic loot is working
– Fixed NPC Karim, part of Necromancer Quest
– Quest log for Karim and Bianka quest has been added
– Two new portals has been added (teracians hellspawns and royal minotaurs ghastly dragons)

– Pirates, goblins and insects task bosses has been added
– „Rapid Fire” spell, from now scaling with elemental of your ammunition

– Changed spell range from static value to range of weapon what you’re using
– Added green djinns to djinn task

#News & Bugs
– All stats and skill conditions have been fixed (infinite health and skills possible)
– Two new djinns spawns have beed added to game, but beware, you can choose only one of them
– Replaced old minotaurs sprites with new ones
– Finished „Greedy Altar” quest, from now you can sacrifice small gems for resistance boost
– Fixed a couple NPC dialogues (wrong keywords)
– From now postman key will go to your quest items container instead backpack
– Updated quest log for „Bottomless pit” quest (remind about type of sword what Thelber want and where player can find 20 pieces of wood)
– Fixed NPC Khoz, from now he moving all your Chaeck items to cirith deposit



Summary of week 1-3

Welcome in 2020! Please take a look at updates from first three weeks of January:

– Fixed „Cortical Skin” spell

– Improved formulas for randomize attributes at items (strength, dexterity, condition, wisdom and vigor), higher chance to obtain higher values
– Fixed „the party pannel its bugged when im target my partner on party to use healer on him i dont heal him i heal myself and i have configured on use on target”

– Wisdom multiplier was changed for grenadier (from x1 to x2)
– Optimization of many game engine code
– Fixed some NPCs (wrong detection of players, they were blocked when player disappear from NPC talk radius)
– Updated some stats of weapons, amulets and rings
– More info soon…

– Removed cap level limit
– Optimization some game engine functions (NPCs, spells, crafting)
– Increased damage for all legendary weapons spells
– Fixed critical error with NPCs, what could crash the server in certain circumstances
– Cancel attack and follow using by „ESC” key button
– Added new Chimera and Arch Devil spawn
– New statisic points growth:
* 1-30 – 8 stats per lvl (240 stats)
* 31-70 – 6 stats per lvl (240 stats)
* 71-110- 4 stats per lvl (160 stats)
* 111+ 2 stats per lvl

– Fixed fear and stun immunity from legendary items

– Separating vampires from undead
– Optimization of crafting and melting database storage
– Updated all two handed legendary weapons, rings and half of amulets
– Presence of Gods, reward from Necromancer Quest, the wearer of this amulet is also insensitive to the ‚Soul Nova’ curse
– Disabled all christmas events (goblins, santa and fallen stars)
– Rewrite many existing functions, fixed some modules at client etc



Summary of week 51&52

I hope that you spent your Holidays well, we’ve got a summary of week 51 and 52 for you:

– Updated all one handed legendary weapons and half of two handed
– Updated offers for some NPCs, trophies are sellable now at Den NPC
– New item attributes (hit chance, fear and stun imminuty and others)
– From now your default accuracy is 95%
– Updated loot for a couple monsters (added crafting materials)
– And others…

– Fixed disappearing monster type in hunting buffs
– Fixed bugs with some quests and mechanics (crafting, item list, bestiary)

– Two christmas events has been added, watch for raids and fallen stars
– All crossbows, daggers and around 70% of bows got new legendary attributes (more powerfull then before)
– Added crafting materials to some mid-lvl monsters

– Decreased all statistic by a half, increased amount of statistic points per level from 4 to 6, everyone will get 4 extra free statistic restarters

– Extra magic attack and increase damage from items were reworked, from now damage is scaling correctly
– Dragon Storm Rune no longer can be used at no logout zones
– Decreased amount of packets from engine to client

– Fixed NPC trade window, from now you are able to sell items what you wear on your character
– Fixed Tral addons dialogues
– Fixed wands spell modifiers and assigned spells (no longer inflict cooldown on spells, but still burn mana)
– Fixed many statistics, spells, weapons and map bugs

– First stage of new quest
– Added new boss
– Added two new items (amulet and shield)
– Replaced blue djinns and marid with red djinns and efreets

– Fixed bosses access from tasks



Summary of week 50

Hello, today I would like to show you a road map for upcoming months:

Mid and late December 2019

We are constantly working on adding new quests and secrets to the map. Before the end of the year we want to add fully working dungeon generator with new UI. Some players already had a chance to test this mechanic.

Early January 2020

In the first half of January we are going to add guildwars system connected with conquest of guildhouses. Later you will receive new desert land with new city, npcs, quests, hunting places, monsters and new task camp with new tasks.

Late January 2020

Some of you already know that we work on skills and spells rework. First concept for mercenary spells (and its subvocations barbarian and paladin) was already presented on our discord and in general we see that with some minor tweaks you like it. Later this month we will present you a new spell concept for ranged and mage vocations as well. After we test everything on special server, we will start a new game world (20% of bought points will be added and transfered to the new game world as „thank you” for supporting the server) with new skills and spells system. The first game world will stay online. Together with this we want to add PvP events. We have not yet decided if we should enable open pvp (the concept of going pvp mode for x hours is still on the table).

February 2020

Somewhere in February we will add a new winter land to the game. Unlike the desert land, winter land will be accessible only for players above 40 level. The continuation of Ranger’s Arcani quest will take place in this new area. Of course there will be many more new quests, NPCs and hunting places for mid and high levels.

Please also take a look at summary of week 50.

– Reworked tasks, from now you can choose only one reward from list
– New formula armor (higher survi at weaker monsters, lower survi at stronger creatures), still may be change soon
– Increased luck of Fire Rune: Luck from 1% to 5% at normal quality

– Tasks rewards, should be done at 15.12.2019
– New armor formula (higher survi at weaker monsters, lower survi at stronger creatures)

– Waypoint for Pits of Inferno quest

– Fixed collision function for Fire Whip and Wave of Power spells
– Fixed many bugs with quests, mechanics and others

– From now luck attribute will increasing chance to obtain higher quaity item

– Fixed hellfire set

– Library in Cirith (above deposit) is now partially open, few books added, we will tell you when more will come, you can access it by talking with Vectur
– New spawn of mostly PoI monsters under graveyard near vampire castle
– New secret demon spawn with boss
– Hunting place under behemoths near Orilon expanded a little with new monsters
– Added new outfit to the game (secret)



Summary of week 49

We are working on some bigger updates for you. Tomorrow you should get new hunting areas with demons and destroyers, new boss and secret quest. We will also add a library and librarians will expand their book collection in upcoming weeks. If you want to check our plans for next weeks you can do it on discord or see image blow (please remember that it may change).

For now, please take a look at summary of week 49.

– All pick holes have been marked with a warning sign
– Two new outfits at premium shop (Assassin and Sacrifice)
– Warning windows for spells and statistics restarts
– Defiler, Nightmare, Blightwalker and Banshee gets new loot items
– New sea connection from Southern Village and Orilion

– Reduction melting time

– Fixed over resistance values (for bosses what has 99% resistance of all elements, sometimes get over 100% reduce)
– Fixed death ring

– Kate, Maria, Rupert, Challin and Lawrence (Chaeck NPCs) would like to buy a lot new items from you

– Condition multiplier for Trackers increased from x2 to x3

– Updated some missing translates
– Fixed immortality of „Stone Skin” spell
– Fixed bug with disappearing items from house
– Fixed many small code, graphics and map bugs
– Fixed experience/h function



Cyber Monday and survey!

Hello everybody!

We are celebrating Cyber Monday. RA Coins will be -20% off the regular price for the whole day!

Moreover we want to ask you players, what kind of new features or changes would you like to see first? What is the most important thing that you want us to implement in near future? It can be a hunting place, new mechanic, balance change, quests, monsters and whatever more you can imagine. The best answers and so the most precise and valuable feedback will be rewarded. We will give out 5x 30 days of Lord Status (premium) to chosen players (we will announce nicknames in public to prevent misunderstandings).

The results of this survey will be summarized and published on Friday 06/12 on our website (we will ping about that on Discord).




Summary of week 47-48

In past two weeks we had some break from constant updates.

– Lawrence (Chaeck NPC) would like to buy a lot new items from you
– Improved formulas for randomize attributes at items (strength, dexterity, condition, wisdom and vigor), higher chance to obtain higher values
– Pits of Inferno QUEST!

– Decreased radiating powder required for craft Reflective Bow from 39 pieces to 5 pieces
– Changed recipes for Incendiary heavy crossbow, Ballista, Siege crossbow and Marksman crossbow
– Increased damage multiplier for two handed weapons from 0.7% per effective point to 0.75%
– Increased maximum of Critical Hit Multiplier from 180% to 225%
– Changed „Basic Heal” formula
– Healing bubbles do not activate when we (or summon) have full health
– Increased maximum offers at market from 5 to 25 for free accounts and from 10 to 50 for premium

– From now autoloot working with blue djinns corpses
– Fixed many bugs, missing map parts and others

– Decreased „Arch Devil” and „Chimera” energy resistance from 90% and 40% to 25% and 15%
– Removed all critical hit chance debuffs from bows
– Decreased interval for all damage over time effects to 1-2 seconds
– Increased Holy Rune: Mirror double hit chance twice
– Increased chance to obtain perfect and legendary items
– Added new end-game set
– Increased amount of crystalline ammunition per life crystal from 10 to 25
– Added final rewards for Necromancer Quest
– Added vocations requirements at all weapons

– Increased mana and health regeneration of all potions
– Fixed task window (Dantven tasks)
– Fixed critical hit chance, sometimes weren’t working
– From now all healing over time scaling with WIS




On the way to December

We are working on some bigger updates changing the balance of vocations and introduce of a new, snowy land. Stay tuned.



Summary of week 46

This is a summary of all changes and news for week 46.

– Fixed assigned spells at weapons, from now they should cast spells correctly
– From now player summons can walk at Protection Zone
– Fixed blessing system

– Eight trainers were built on the training ground beside prison

– Improved drop of Nepethes seeds from 1.4% to 4.2%
– Removed lifesteal from „Berserker” spell. Decreased damage resistance from 40% to 10% at first level. Instead physical increased damage was added.
– Increased drop chance of dragon scales and leathers

– From now „Forest Wall” spell creates wild growth on fire fields, poison fields, etc.
– From now blessing will not disappear after spell reseting
– From now „Source of Life” will be used at caster if you’ve checked „Use on yourself” at Hotkeys window instead of selected party member
– Horse travels will not more change your outfit
– All boosts from wands work correctly

– Everyone will get one blessing (if you already have one then it will stack and you’ll have two in total), 3 days of Lord Status, 90 premium points and experience rate x1.5 instead x1.0

– Added 10 new sets to game
– Added possibility to exchange life crystals for crystalline arrows or bolts at Inquisition port
– Added 9 additional levels to „Equilibrium” spell
– Decreased mana requirements for all druid and wizard buffs
– Changed amount and type of items to Konan list (Necromancer Quest)
– Added new behemoth (really hard) hunting place at swamps, south-west from Cirith
– Reopen swamp dungeon
– Removed requirement minimum amount of players for dungeons
– Many changes at game engine, optimization and others, small fixes



Summary of week 45

This is a summary of all changes and news for week 45.

– All bosses (not task bosses) drop special bag with your unique loot what will sent to the deposit of the city where you are a resident

– From now you don’t need be at protection zone during smelting
– Update all armors blueprints – Increased cooldown for „overload” spell from 4 seconds to 6 seconds
– Decreased „Wizard Specialization” spell mana regeneration for caster from 100% to 80%, increased mana regeneration for party members from 20% to 40%
– Increased mana requirements for all grenades by 5
– Improved quality of blueprints for higher levels
– Decreased strength of „Cyclops Drone”

– Fixed sorting by time at market
– Fixed horse travels

– Tomorrow we will move to another hosting, be prepare for small brake at 12:00 AM CET

– Updated many blueprints (all armors, one handed weapons and helmets) and update NPC offer
– From now every fish what you catched imposes cooldown at water tile for 12 minutes (you can catch one fish per 12 minutes per tile)
– Proclay and Dantven NPCs (from tasks) sets position of boss on your map
– Royal Dwarves boss
– Improved energy elemental hunting place north of Cirith
– From now Cirith deposit teleport is unlock for everyone
– Looping crash has been fixed (I guess)

– Fixed a bug with Quest Log (if you had task on Royal Dwarves quest log showed task on coryms)

– New hosting, we were moved from France to Germany

– Added cooldown at dungeons, around 20h
– Decreased cooldown for fishing from 12 minutes to 2 minutes

– We have made changes in skills to better reflect the role of tracker and grenadier vocation. Tracker is more focused on avoiding enemies and dealing damage from the distance, while grenadier is not afraid of being in contact because of shield he is wearing, but still can keep enemies a little further with spears.

– Converter creature products at magazine

– Added missing items (name, stats) existing in loot

– Improved drop of Nepethes seeds twice
– Added three new achievements (skulled monsters killed)
– Giant spiders, minotaurs, minotaur guards, djinns and starving bears have got new outfits
– Increased multiplier of shooting at DEX skill from 0.7% to 0.8% per effective point
– Decreased multiplier of throwing at DEX skill from 0.7% to 0.6% and at STR skill from 0.45% to 0.25% per effective point
– Minimum and maximum damage changed for following items:

14-52 -> 30-47 – frosty axe
4-63 -> 20-44 – dragon slayer
8-49 -> 22-40 – dragon axe
6-49 -> 24-39 – axe of black steel
2-50 -> 20-40 – fire axe
7-45 -> 25-38 – bastard axe
2-43 -> 19-35 – trident
1-83 -> 30-50 – axe aggressor
15-64 -> 20-52 – axe of hellstorm
10-58 -> 21-48 – dragon executor
9-57 -> 25-47 – drakinata
16-48 -> 21-42 – vile axe
7-56 -> 18-46 – daramanian axe
1-60 -> 18-45 – deepling axe
9-52 -> 20-46 – bloody axe
10-40 -> 18-38 – power bolt

– All players will get 4 free spells and skills resets

– Improved amount of items from smelting of normal, perfect and legendary items
– Removed speed from Dexterity and Vigor but improved basic speed from 320 points to 350 points, also all debuffs to speed at items has been decreased by a half
– Decreased cooldown for fishing from 2 minutes to 10 seconds AND set separate cooldown for all each ones fishes

– Fixed skulled monster achievements
– Fixed player trade window

– Death rings and power rings are now sellable,
– From now, clicking level circle (right bottom panel) causes the panel to hide/pop out,
– New respawns (dragons north of Cirith, under existing dragon spot, warlocks, beside small spawn with warlocks at north from Cirith)
– Now you gain 2 points of speed with each gained lvl,
– Mats taken from storage will now never drop on the floor,
– „Fireball” spell is now using the element of currently equipped wand/rod,
– Dying in dungeons is now actuall dying, instead of just being teleported out to temple,
– Chaeck Annihilator quest rewards were boosted,
– Multiple fixes to game and game engine

– New elves spawn has been found very far to the South west of Cirith (A guy named „Fisher” is supposed to have more informations, but he might be reluctant to talk to you)
– New nests with spiders (the bigger ones) have been found under existing goblin camp, south of Cirith
– Unlocked all blueprints at the forge, but you can craft only these items for which you obtained blueprints
– Added ‚Chimera’ to Greater Demons task
– Elemental ammunition appeared in the game (bolts and arrows) Garandriel tends to forget things now. If you’ve chosen wrong answers, he might be willing to give you another chance after one game month (around real 20 hours)
– Removed protection rings (but they are still working) instead, a blessing was added, for more information find Fand, new NPC who appear at mountain, west of Cirith
– Improved loot of „Tezohr”, Chaeck minotaur boss
– From now Lay on Hands removes „paralized” status
– Decreased amount of health points of „Orc Shaman”
– Increased experience gained of „Warlock”
– Added three new mini bosses for „Snake Sceptre Quest”



Summary of week 44

This is a summary of all changes and news for week 44, please remember that we have a Halloween Event on Sunday evening (CET).

– Added many new blueprints (all wands and spellbooks) and update NPC offer
– Monster spawn ignore players when they are in Protection Zone

– Reduced cooldown for „Overwhelm” spell from 3 seconds to 2 seconds
– From now you cannot use more than 5 runes with the same type at once

– Added two new sets, Ashbringer and of the Dawn (dropped from ghastly dragons, liches, grim reapers and others)
– From now you can see a maximum capacity of skills in look window

– Increased damage of „Wrath of the Earth” spell from 0.5 * basic attack + (0.05 * spell level) to 0.9 * basic attack + (0.1 * spell level)
– From now „Bane of Heretics” spell stuns targets for 1 second

– Added many new blueprints (all boots and legs) and update NPC offer
– From now, when you lost your connection with game, after 5 seconds your character will get protection for minute

– Reduced vampires life steal by 80%
– Removed „Shard of Magic” requirement for „Overload” spell but increased cooldown from 2 seconds to 4 seconds and increased damage from 30 + (2 * spell level) to 30 + (3 * spell level)
– Wisdom multiplier was changed for paladin (from x2 to x3), druid (from x3 to x4) and for wizard (from x4 to x5) – Moved apes from „Animals” to „Apes”, „Ice Elemental” from „Underwaters” to „cryo-elemental”
– Increased damage for „wave of Power” and „Fire whip” spells

– Fixed description for fishes
– Fixed all wand passives

– Many sets have got attributes when you collect a couple items from set
– Prepare for Haloween event at Saturday! Many gifts will be waiting for you!

– Added „Red Gems” (premium item) to drop from monsters
– Added „Holy staff of the day” to Hero drop
– Decreased damage of Hydra waves
– Increased geedle’s electrical loop damage for second and third stage
– Increased double hit chance for all bows

– Postman questline

– Updated blueprints of bows
– Switched mechanical barrer with reflex at Grenadier spell tree
– From now default value of item capacity at market is 1
– Rework bows blueprints
– Because it is no-pvp server (temporarily), from now you can walk through other players anywhere you are
– Added many new blueprints (all necklaces) and update NPC offer
– Decreased mana regeneration of „Source” spell from 40-60-80 per stack to 30-50-70
– Increased damage of „Icy Needles” spell from 27 to 35 at first level
– Decreased cooldown for „Source of Life” from 3 seconds to 2 seconds
– Increased damage for second and third stage of „Ice Storm” spell
– Changed formula of „Hoarfrost” and „Ethereal Arrow” spells from static damage to multiplier * basic attack
– Removed death debuffs
– From now you can remove fire, poison and energy fields via ice cubes

– Fixed bug with reflection attribute at items. From now it takes correct value of reflect percent

– Vampire task boss
– Added Royal Dwarves task
– From now Grunfeld buys Black skulls and Voodoo dolls
– Added new global event
– Haloween event, first stage. South of Cirith. Second and third stage at Sunday (03.11.2019)

– Fixed Slain Kentaru NPC
– All corpses are moveable now
– Fixed „Wild Frenzy” spell

– Added many new blueprints (all rings) and update NPC offer
– From now you can add label on Premium Box
– Increased chance for raids
– From now „Mechanical Spider” dealt damage of last used grenade combat type (for example, if you used fire grenade then mechanical spider will use fire combat type until you use another grenade)
– If you will not get any materials from smelting then smelting time is decreased to one minute



Summary of week 43

This is a summary of all changes and news for week 43, enjoy!

– „Overload” and „Fire Snare” spells, from now scaling with elemental of your wand
– Elemental and Explosive Wolves applies debuff on target, -5% resistance of element what your wolf is using for 8 seconds
– Hero, Black Knight, Wyrms, Behemoths, Templars, Red Dragons have got new items in their loot
– Removed mana from all monsters, decreased interval between spells
– Added many new blueprints (all spears, crossbows and two handed weapons)
– Added huge new hunting place with Royal Dwarves (entrance is at swamps, west of Cirith)

– Everyone who were logged in last days will get 3 free Lord Status days and protection ring with 5 charges

– Increased damage of „Wilf Frienzy” spell from 0.5 to 1.0 * basic damage
– Increased range of „Sacrifice” spell from 3 to 6 sqm
– All bows have got double hit bonus but their critical hit chance were reduced
– All crossbows have got critical hit chance bonus but their double hit were reduced
– From now you can buy items from market even if their price is 0
– Decreased damage of „Whisper” spell from 30 + (3 * spell level) to 25 + (3 * spell level)
– Increased damage of „Wave of Power” spell from 40 + (3 * spell level) to 40 + (4 * spell level)
– Fixed „Daggers” category in Market
– Increased duration of „The Hunt” effect from „The Hunt” spell from 60 seconds to 3 minutes and damage bonus from 10/20% to 20/40%
– Removed all necromancers, banshees and liches from fallen village, north-east of Cirith
– Reduced amount of vampire viscounts and vampie counts at Vampire Castle north-east of Cirith
– Reduced health points for Orc Shaman by 25%
– Decreased energy and fire resistance for Hero and Black knight

– Add deathly beams (leaf golem, ghastly dragon etc) have got warning before cast
– Increased cooldown from 22 seconds to 60 seconds and decreased duration from 2 -> 4 ->6 seconds to 1 -> 2 -> 3 seconds of „Cloak of Shadows” spell
– Huge damage buff for Bane of Heretics spell
– Increased area of „Wave of Power” and „Fire Whip” spells
– Changed formula for „Basic Heal” spell from (20 + level + (WIS / 5) + (CON / 7)) to (20 + level + (WIS / 3) + (CON / 5))
– Decreased critical hit chance of „Grenadier specialization” spell from 10% to 5%

– Reduced amount of monsters at swamps, west from Cirith
– Decreased bonuses from fishes
– Added cranial basher to Hawkyr offer
– Changed shoot range for spears (4-5), crossbows (5-6) and bows (6-7)
– Prepared code for PvP at weekend

– Fixed stealth ring
– „Sell all” button no longer sell your equipment items
– Fixed problem with disappearing „High Pace”

– Decrease chance and increased cooldown for bonelord and dwarf geomancer spells
– From now infight ticks apply only then when you get at least your level / 2, but no less than 30 damage
– Removed „Defiler” from summon list of „Teracian”
– Added these items to NPC Malia (Broken Halberd, Legionnaire Flag, High guard’s flag, Spiked Iron Ball, Dragon priest’s wandip, Bunch of ripe rice, Zaogun Flag, Lizard Tail, Corrupted Flag, Draken Sulphur)
– Decreased damage for second stage of „Ice storm” by 50% and third by 66%

– From now market history using language which one you choosed at client, no more combination of both languages
– Fixed defence stance, From now regeneration scaling with your max health points

– Increased mana requirements for „Ice Storm” spell
– Increased mana requirements for „Whisper” spell from 1 per level to 3 per level
– Changed rewards for „Spell Caster” and „Mana Burner” achievements
– Added two new abilities to „Ghastly Dragon”

– Fixed an issue with removing materials from the magazine
– Fixed regeneration attributes from items and sets
– Fixed proxy port
– Fixed fishes attributes
– Fixed display monster experience at bestiary

– Rotworm Queen no longer summons that huge amount of monsters
– Increased chance to obtain perfect items
– Split cooldown for health and mana potions and increased their cooldown to 2 seconds from 1.8 seconds
– Unlock whole bestiary informations if you have at least one kill
– Removed numbers of restore mana and health points from conditions
– „Ice Storm” dealt damage triple instead once

– Fixed horse travels
– Horses got names



Changes and proxy server!

Hello! Today the biggest news is that we introduce proxy server for testing. Fell welcome to invite your friends and check it out!

– Added proxy check box in login window for non EU players
– Added new task boss -> „Old Queen” for Task on Rotworms
– Added new task boss -> „Nemrod” for Task on Bandits

– Increased amount of undead monsters at Sunray Forest, south of the Cirith
– All premium items are going to deposit during death
– Added more categories to market
– Increased strength for dwarven ring from 5 to 8
– Increased damage for onyx arrows to 22-28
– Changed primary skill bonus for steel helmet, armor, legs and boots, berynit armor and helmet and emerald armor from vigor and condition to dexterity (higher chance to obtain these items with dexterity bonus)
– Reduce mana requirements for „Whisper” spell from 3 per level to 1 per level, reduced cooldown from 3 seconds to 2 seconds
– Added new button to Sell NPC trade -> „Sell All”
– Decreased damage of „Frozen Wall” spell of Troll Champion Ice
– Decreased damage of all abilities of Troll Champion Leaf

– Familiars no longer decrease item drop rate from the monsters
– Fixed search box at Sell NPC trade
– Fixed horse travels
– Fixed WASD walking (still needs polishing)

– All lunar crystals are decoration item at the moment

– Tried fixing disconnects while using WASD

– Changed stats for Ragged Blade, Iron Blade, Giant Sword, Knight Axe, Haunted Blade and Berserker (buffs)
– Many monsters have got new resistances and weaknesses
– Many items got new attributes, lost debuffs like speed or critical multiplier
– Buffs for bows
– Added 50 new blueprints (armors, one handed weapons, bows and 4 wands)
– „High Pace”, changed attack speed boost from 100 * spell level miliseconds to 50 -> 80 -> 120 miliseconds
– „Tracker Specialization”, changed mana steal from (1 + (level / 15)) to 2 per hit
– Increased damage for „Hoarfrost” spell from 60 to 100 at first level
– Increased cooldown for „Headshot” spell from 12 seconds to 14 seconds and decreased damage by 10%
– Decreased damage bonus for „The Hunt” spell from 25% to 10%
– Changed damage formula for „Ethereal arrow” spell from 0.9 * basic attack to static 100 damage [WIS]
– All crafting, smelting and magazine actions can be performed only at Protection Zone
– Increased damage for „Smite the Evil” spell
– Gives an option to Petr to escape from pirate ship in Traders Quest
– Increased experience gained for dwarves
– Decreased chance for cast „Fire rain” spell for Demon
– Decreased level requirements for „Forest wall” and „Petrification” spells
– Increased capacity of all backpack by 1
– Increased stun delay for „The path of the Hawk” passive from 1 second to 2 seconds
– Decreased healing for Orc Shamans and Dwarves Geomancers
– Updated creature products drop (crafting materials)
– Increased duration of „Mechanical armor” and „Poisoning” spells from 10 to 30 minutes
– Added diagonal WASD option at client settings
– Increased drop of coins amount

– The ability to cast passives has been blocked
– Fixed Help and Trade channels



Gift and changes!

– Added two new statistics (not spells) restarters for everyone

– Added 20h cooldown for „Task on goblins” at Valeriana
– Blocked access to Macindaw
– Added Ctrl + M to open/close minimap
– Increased prices for onyx arrows from 5 to 6 copper coins per arrow
– Decreased damage multiplier for ethereal arrow from 1.0 at first level to 0.8
– Decreased cooldown for grenadier spell: „Familiar” from 10 minutes to 5 minutes
– Decreased level requirements for Wave of power from 60 level at first spell level to 40
– Decreased level requirements for Ice storm from 70 level at first spell level to 50
– Decreased cooldown for „Fireball” spell if you don’t have any shard of magic charge from 6 seconds to 4 seconds
– Changed damage range for all bolts and onyx arrows (bolt: 7-19 -> 6-20, piercing bolt: 12-24 -> 8-33, power bolt: 18-30 -> 10-40, onyx arrow: 24-26 -> 18-26)
– Improved loot for Amazons, Valkyries, Witches, all weak Bandits, Stone Golems and Gargoyles (core item set for mages)
– Decreased strength of task bosses
– Huge increased for frop rate for white, red and black skull monsters
– Increased area damage of „Flame Touch” spell from 7 + (spellLevel * 3) to 10 + (spellLevel * 5)
– Decreased cooldown for „Geedle’s electrical loop” from 30 seconds to 26 seconds
– Increased fire fields duration of „Fire steps” spell from 8 seconds to 16 seconds
– Dexterity multiplier for Wizards decreased from x2 to x1, Vigor multiplier increased from x1 to x2

– Increased capacity growth by 50%
– Changed fire immunity for all Cyclops into a 5-15% resistance
– Removed energy immunity from Teracians. Increased their earth resistance from 15% to 25%
– Since now your manasteal is working during attacking undeads
– Changed „Source of life” spell, now this spell using equilibrium charges to self-cast (read description ingame for more information) – Added Portuguese and Spanish channels (Ctrl + O)
– Removed third stage of Vurtak
– Quick heals is an AOE spell now
– Unlock new huge spawn for low levels at north of Cirith, across The Wall

– Fixed bug with incorrect IDs of tasks (for example, when you tried select minotaur task it gave you goblin task)
– Fixed loot window, since now window should save their position



Some important changes and new tutorial

Please read about recent changes and check our newest tutorial about crafting system. The next video will be about our map, main locations, hunting places and nearest points of interests.

16/10/2019@ #Testing
– English, Polish and World chat (Ctrl + O)

– Decreased level required for „Fireball” spell from 30 level to 24 level at first level
– Decreased level required for „Source” spell from 20 level to 15 level at first level
– Changed required level for all upgrades of „Smithe the Evil” spell
– Removed capacity change from skills and moved to scaling with experience level
– Increased damage for the most of two handed weapons
– Increased damage for all grenades
– Decreased cooldown for ice grenade from 12 seconds to 6 seconds
– Decreased prices for ammunition
– Decreased cooldown and mana required for „Conjure Sniper Arrow/Piercing Bolt” spells to 14 seconds and 25 mana
– Decreased duration of invisible for Goblin Assassin
– Changed formula damage for „Ethereal Arrow” spell
– Improved loot for Dalamar Argent, miniboss for low levels
– Improved speed for all familiars (including elemental and explosion wolves)
– Improved healing from „Source of life” spell
– From now it is impossible to use „Meditation” at PZ
– Added „Protection ring” to shop offer
– Thelber, beside deposit for 10k + (200 coins * level)

– Fixed scaling mana/health regeneration with quality of item
– Fixed bug with Red Gem from premium shop, now it shouldn’t change quality of your item



Newest balance changes

We are constantly working on changes and balance. Some of you were unhappy with certain changes and we noted it. Latest changelog:

15/10/2019@ #News
– Added orc task boss

– Decreased chance for apply Dot (damage over time) for all spears
– Decreased damage for spears by 10%
– From now any move, selecting any target or cast any spell abort meditation spell
– Added cooldown for all tasks (from now you can make task per every 20 hours)
– Changed meditation, form now any attack or cast spell aborts meditation
– Added critical hit chance for all daggers, decreased critical hit chance for copper blade from 20% to 2%
– Added rewards for roll crates
– Increased flat lifesteal from 2 flat heal points per every 5% of total lifesteal to 3 flat heal points per every 6%
– Decreased strength of Orc Shamans and Royal Minotaur Hunter
– Balanced experience/health points ratio for all monsters (some monsters got buff of experience and some nerf)
– Tactical blow is not working with conditions (dots)
– Update loot for Dragons and other mid-lvl monsters
– Decreased druid barrer amount regeneration from 10 to 8
– Increased required amount of kill trolls, minotaurs and goblins for tasks
– All grenades scaling with WISDOM but damage is decreased by 10%

– Fixed problem with pushable players at PZ




Changes and fixes

Yesterday we had a quite long break in server working, but thankfully it was fixed after 4 hours before main traffic hours in Europe. As I stated in last news feed, we are trying to setup proxy server for players in both Americas but there is a lot of other work so you need to be patient and wait few more days. We are thinking about changing the capacity system, if you want to take a part in discussion, join our discord server and vitis #polls, please!

12/10/2019@ #News
– Craft tab have changed default tab from „Creature Products” to „All”
– Increased basic health and mana regeneration
– Fixed many visual bugs with chat
– Change the spell „Meditation”
– removed stun and changed to „Moving aborts the effect”

– Fixed disappearing creature products from magazine after death
– Decreased cooldown for „Conjure Arrow/Bolt” spells from 20 seconds to 14 seconds
– Fixed small bug with „Ignore Equipment” at NPC trade window
– Fixed VIP list window
– Fixed missing translates from local table

13/10/2019@ #News
– Switch on daily shutdown and set time at 11 AM CEST
– Change price for 90 days of Lord Status from 1000 points to 900 points
– Added 22 new blueprints to forge
– Trash items like breaker are sellable at Hawkyr
– Druid VIGOR multipier increased from x1 to x2
– Dragon Storm rune from premium shop from now is possible to use as light source

– Change mana required for Berserker spell „Mill” from 15 to 36
– Berserker spell „Weapon Throw” provocate enemies to attacking you – Decreased strength of „Vurtak” and „Vincent Ceryni” bosses
– Decreased experience for all coryms by 10 points
– Increased experience for all monsters with 500 health points and above
– Increased health points for „Corym Charlatan” from 300 to 360
– Increased range for all ranged spells from 4 to 5 sqm

– Fixed bug with appearing spell and skill points from nowhere
– Fixed some NPCs dialogues
– Fixed required amount of „Task on giants” from 300 to 600
– Berserker spell „Mill” charging „Fury” charges when you hit at least two enemies at once
– Fixed all massive support spells (from now these spells working on your party members)

13/10/2019@ #Changes
– Maximum damage of „Cyclops Drone” decreased from 150 to 100
– „Shock Grenade”, grenadier spell, change level required from 30 to 25 – „Fire Grenade”, grenadier spell, decreased cooldown from 10 seconds to 6 seconds
– Added health regeneration for complete copper, brass and bronze sets
– Added additional passive function for „equilibrium” druid spell, regenerate equilibrium charges * 10 amount of barrer (blocking damage) per every 10 seconds
– Added shoot animation for „Whisper” spell
– Changed WISDOM multiplier damage over time (DOT) from 0.10% per effective point to 0.15% per effective point
– Decreased cost of create guilds from 10 gold coins to 50 silver coins #Bugs – Fixed „Mill” spell description
– From now Energy Familiar should attacking correctly even at first level
– Fixed „Poisoning” spell, from now daggers should apply poison on target

14/10/2019@ #IMPORTANT
– Everyone of you have got protection ring with 2 charges at your deposit which one protect all your items during death

– Improved experience gain from Edvard for finish „Task on swarmers”
– Rework Massive ornamented bow attributes
– Added bosses for troll and minotaur tasks
– Removed the option to use herbs or whatever cures bleeding/poison WHEN you arent bleeding or poisoned
– Decreased price of Crystal Teleport at shop from 2500 copper coins to 800 copper coins

– Barrer from „equilibrium” spell from now is blocking damage
– Energy familiar should attacking all monsters
– Fixed regeneration attribute for copper, brass and bronze sets
– Fixed disappearing rune crates after relog
– Fixed „Ignore equipment” at NPC trade



First serious fixes

Ranger’s Arcani is almost 24 hours after launch, so far more than 500 people joined the game! We have released some bug fixes and improvements but that’s not all, we continue to work on client and server. Remember to report bugs on our discord, it is very helpful and helps us tracking all problems. We want to say thank you for all patience, every one received bonus spell and skill restarters.

There is also a possibility that we will launch a proxy server for players in USA, Brazil, Venezuela etc. but you need to give us more time. I will also work on some new video tutorials for you, so stay tuned!

12/10/2019@ #News
– Decreased health points for all bandits by 30% and for Carrion Worm by 50 health points (250 -> 200)
– Increased flat damage reduction by armor
– Update all task rewards, now you can reach there perfect forge materials
– Removed unnamed item from Grunfeld offer
– Changed prices for mana and health potions at Maria from Chaeck (lower prices for bigger potions, higher for smaller)
– Added small animated square at NPC conversations button when we same any message from NPC

– Fixed vocation name at creature look window
– Moved wasp from Arachnids class to Animals at Bestiary
– Fixed search at items Encyclopedia
– Fixed bug with loot window (impossible check „remove after 30 seconds” when you’ve checked „overwrite loot”)
– Fixed bug with crafting, when you tried craft item with charges then always you’ve got 1 charge instead of correct amount
– Fixed problem with „Add to VIP list” from chat
– Fixed important bug with stacking creatures on one tile



Server launch!

Hello everyone!

Today Ranger’s Arcani launched! We will try to help you with gameplay and client for following days, please use Discord to report any bugs and suggest new ideas for us!

Good luck and have fun!



Hello All!

We are getting close to release of Ranger’s Arcani server. After all those years of development and many changes (project started in 2010) we are happy that almost every core feature is done. During 2 years of public beta phase (started in Q2 2017) more than 1500 players joined our Discord to check our server and help us with testing stuff. RA is still few weeks before launch, so feel free to discuss some features or problems with us, ask questions or propose something new – team is ready to answer everything.