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Ranger’s Arcani map is full of secrets and hidden hunting places, but if you are not into exploring every corner you will be satisfied too. But remember, inquisitiveness is an advantage that is rewarded. Of course, you will find a lot of quests available from NPCs, but some of them might not be „visible” at first glance, try to speak with inhabitants of those lands. You can also try to do some tasks for rewards or catch all the achievements to gain decorations and useful items.

During your journey you will find out three things, dungeons, bosses and chests. You can get chests with random loot from bosses, achievements or get lucky and come across them when traveling. Dungeons are always for teams, so remember to take some friends with you. But be prepared for hard fight, seriously.

If you like rest and don’t need to spend whole time on hunting, you can try some fishing. Our special, rare fish can be really nutritious and will give you some time bonuses. However, if you don’t like smell of fish you can visit forge in main city, the local blacksmith offers the possibility of crafting new items or smelting existing ones into ingredients.