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Custom Client

Game client is based on well known otclient. However, we made some signifact changes to improve gameplay experience. First thing is a launcher, it allows us to give you all in one, by all I mean important links (discord, website and forum), client download and all further updates. The RA client got its own changelog to help you track all new possibilities and bug fixes but what’s the most important, we moved account and character creation into client, so you don’t need to visit any website after downloading launcher. There are two more things worth to mention, music (we don’t force you to download it, it’s up to you!) and language option which allows to pick up one of two currently supported languages (English and Polish). Maybe in a future we will be able to manage a translation for other languages like Portuguese or Spanish.


Dynamically updated bestiary

Rune System

You can make your own runic word for additional bonuses

Auction System

Market where you can buy or sell items

Custom statistics

Accurate statistics of our character

and a lot MORE!^25

Client Presentation