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Your Character

In Ranger’s Arcani you can be a mage, hunter or mercenary. Each of these vocations can be promoted to two other vocations. Mage can be promoted to wizard or druid, hunter to grenadier or tracker and mercenary to barbarian or paladin. All of them have unique spells and favourite weapons, so take what fits you best. You can read more about classes HERE.

Skills and spells systems are totally reworked, you get points for each gained level and you can spend them on new skills and spells. Thanks to this, you will no longer spend hours training and memorizing new spell incantations. New skills are specially designed for RA vocations, but we are pretty sure that players will find some unusual builds and tricks to get best results.

Points from levelling up are not the only way to improve your character statistics, besides completely new items with bonuses (and 5 tiers of rarity) we also have rune system. Single runes give you basic improvements, but if you collect them enough to make a rune word, you will get some tasty bonuses!