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Chaeck needs your help

Remember! Don’t forget about guides in Quest log and dialogues from NPCs.
If you want to leave Chaeck fast, you should complete main missions listed below. They will help you get around 10 level, so you will need just 5 more to leave this land.

Chaeck needs your help

You’re foreigner, refugee from the west. You need to find out what’s going on in Chaeck. You can talk to captain Ocid on the ship or go to the tavern and talk to inkeeper.
You will quickly realize that Ocid isn’t helpful, so go to the city.

The inkeeper – Sulur – will help you on your journey in Chaeck. Quest dialogues will be often marked in orange, but sometimes those specific dialogues are hidden deeper in conversation. Don’t hesitate to talk with NPCs, you can discover some interesting facts and secrets.

After finishing quest conversation you will find this big banner announcing that the Quest log has been updated. You can click on it to follow recent changes in your diary.

As you can see, there is a new mission. You need to find Guard Tonil at Eastern gate of Chaeck.


After talking with Tonil you will get a special paper. Now you need to collect four signatures from main NPCs in Chaeck and Sulur will guide you how to do it. Go back to him and talk with him about safe passage. After all, your Questlog should look like below. You can go to the next chapter of this spoiler.


Firstly, go to church and find priest Albert.

After short talk, Albert will tell you that he has a problem with cemetery. Something is haunting this place and scares off citizens. Your mission is to check and see it for yourself. Go east to the cemetery.

You will quickly understand priest’s words. Somebody from the other dimension is talking to anyone who walks into cemetery. Of course you can take your time and hunt some rats in the area, but don’t go down to the crypt right now, because it might be deadly for you. Now, go back the same way to Albert.

During a talk you will tell Albert that this unwanted soul described itself as „Olympus”. This led Albert to a solution. He explained to you who Olympus was, what he did and why he died. Now he needs your help in performing a ritual that will oust his soul. Priest gives you some items for ritual. To get the knowledge how to perform it, you should start with reading the book. At the end of it, there is a note with name Olympus and some blurred note. Talk to Albert again about it.

You will find out that you need a barrel of mead, but you don’t have a time to get it. Luckily, Albert will give you one. Now, go to the circle mentioned before by Albert. You have two possible ways to get there.

Before entering the circle, you need to splash holy water on your body. You’ve got it in your Quest Items, so use vial on yourself. Now, put the barrel in the middle of wood pile.

Once you’ve done this, put all 8 candles on mossy stones. The ritual will begin after 8th candle!

After ritual, you need to collect the Olympus’ ashes. Do the right click on ashes and go back to the priest.

Of course Albert will be pleased for what you did and he will give you one silver coinBut! Don’t go away and continue the dialogue, you need to get his sign on your safe passage.

Now you can go back to the tavern and talk with Sulur.

Now Sulur will send you to the captain of Chaeck’s guards – Selius. He lives on the opposite side of village. Follow below path.

Go into the house and you will find him near the stairs on ground floor. As always, talk to him. He should inform you about the problem with huntsman house and bandits hanging around it. You need to investigate the place, so go north. You can walk close to the houses or through the forest, but be careful because of a wolf living in it.

Your goal is to reach the gate. You should see exact notifications as below. After that, go back to the captain.

During talk Selius will ask you what type of weapon do you need (different dialogue options depends on your vocation). In this case our character is a mercenary, so we can pick up one handed weapon for future paladins or two handed weapon for barbarians.

You will also receive a light health potion. If you feel prepared for a fight with bandits, visit huntsman house again and enter through the gate. Once you enter, you will see three bandits coming for you.

If you feel that you need some rest, you can hide for a few seconds behind some structures marked with a glowing shield.

After beating bandits you should check what’s going on with Sigurd the hunter. Go to the house and open marked doors.

You will find him bound with ropes, lying on the ground. Right click on him or „Use” with context menu to free him. Wait a little bit, he will say few words to you and give some food as a reward. You can also talk to him again to ask about his health status, whatwas part of your mission.

Now you can return to Selius and tell him about what happened. Remember to ask him about safe passage and his sign on it. Now you can head to the tavern for a new part of this quest.

The third person you need to help is a mayor of Chaeck – Henry. Innkeeper says that he’s got a problem related to the water. Go to his mansion and talk to him to learn more about the issue.

Probably you already know what’s going on. Some creatures are doing a mess in sewers and Chaeck is in danger because of possible shortage in fresh water. Go to Redgar the servant of mayor. He will give you some useful items for your quest.

Redgar will give you a camouflage bag with two items, boots (which you can equip) and machete which is the most important tool for this mission. Now you can go to sewers, there are two entrances.

No matter which way you choose, you need to get here:

Use your machete on grass:

Now you need to talk with Crocodile Gize, in the meantime you can see a nest with eggs blocking the water flow. The crocodile says that he can’t go because of the mystery that needs to be solved. This mystery is a curse, you need to give crocodile a correct password based on the given note. The answer is in the first letters:

After that, the crocodile will be able to leave and clean the sewer. The water will continue to flow, congralutions! Now go back to Henry, tell him about success and as always, ask about signature on safe passage. Then go back to the city and talk with Sulur!